Pathways and entry schemes

There's more than one way into university.

Whatever a students circumstances, our pathway and entry schemes are designed to help them get into their dream course. Students can take part in our entry programs as early as Year 11 and reduce their reliance on their ATAR or remove the need for it entirely.

Achieve and Achieve Plus

Incorporate undergraduate study into Year 12 and we'll use your grades for a special La Trobe Entrance Score. You can even boost your ATAR. Find out more

Prepare for La Trobe

Study three or six micro-subjects in Year 12 or VCAL, and we’ll use your average mark instead of an ATAR to lead you to your dream course. Find out more


Students can complete a similar first year in another course, then apply to transfer to a high-ATAR course. View pathways


We reward community-minded students with extra benefits, an early conditional offer and Aspire ATAR. How to apply

Elite Athlete

Students participating in elite-level sport can receive assistance with combining their academic and sporting schedules. Learn more

La Trobe College

Students can complete a similar first year in a diploma course, and then apply to transfer to the mapped bachelor degree at La Trobe. Learn more

Regional Benefits Program

Students in regional areas (RA2 – RA5) who achieve an ATAR of 80 or higher are guaranteed entry and a scholarship*. Find out more

RISE with La Trobe

A culturally adept academic pathway for Indigenous high school students or mature age students. They'll get the support to prepare for university paired with cultural activities and connections. Learn more

TAFE pathways

Undertake a TAFE diploma and use it as a stepping stone into a bachelor’s degree. La Trobe has TAFE partners and students may be eligible for advanced standing. Find out more

Priority access program

Priority Access awards priority school students with a maximum of 15 adjustment factors, based on their category. Learn more